Himansu Shekhar Rout

A long crack has reportedly developed and is spread in the lower portion of the gumuta of Srimandir’s north gate. The crack is in the lotus-shaped structure which is at the risk of falling into pieces in the near future.  

Some pieces of stone fell off from the engraved sculpture at another place. The crack has appeared at the place, which is part of Pidha Mandir. 

Though the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has been carrying out conservation of Srimandir for many years, culture and monument lovers wondered how the temple structure could develop the crack. The conservation has come under clouds. 

ASI conservation assistant Jyotiprakash Pradhan inspected the part where the crack has appeared. 

Speaking to OTV, Pradhan said, “The portion of the temple where the crack has appeared was covered with earth earlier. Parts of the temple sides were under encroachment. It is being cleared. Due to the Parikrma project, the earth was cleared and the crack has become visible. Now you see, scaffoldings are still there as the conservation work is still going on inside.”

The ASI officer also said that conservation work is in progress and this cracked portion will also be conserved. 

A devotee who came from Jharkhand, said, ”The temple is part of our cultural heritage and symbol of faith. It should be conserved. We see stones falling off. The conservation agency should get it repaired.         

Various outfits have demanded immediate repair of the structure.

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