Vikash Sharma

It is now almost three days that the Pahala sweet traders’ association has been observing bandh protesting the rise in the prices of Chhena. The association alleged that the sweet manufacturing traders are suffering losses due to the price rise of Chhena, one of the main ingredients for making a variety of sweets.

The association members said that earlier Chhena was being sold at Rs 165 per kg and the prices have been increased by Rs 20.

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“When OMFED hikes Rs 1 per litre, the Chhena prices rise by Rs 5 per kg. If there is hike of Rs 4, the Chhena prices will hike by Rs 20. Hence, we are forced to hike the prices of our sweets,” said Akshaya Lenka, President of Pahala Sweet Traders’ Association, Bhubaneswar.

According to Lenka, the association has decided to increase prices of Rasogolla to Rs 6 which was earlier sold at Rs 5 each, and Chhena Poda will be sold at Rs 280 per kg by the traders.

“All the traders under the association will sell sweets and make payments to Chhena traders at the revised rates by opening the markets from tomorrow,” Lenka added.

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