Cassian Baliarsingh

A century-old Maa Kali Temple in Jajpur has withstood the test of time and tells stories of Ramayana and Raavan. An unexplored tunnel near the temple adds to the mysterious happenings in the area, locals believe.

There is a popular belief here that Lanka king Raavan’s brother Mahi Raavan uses the tunnel to reach the temple and offer prayers to Maa Kali. Till today, locals claim that they can hear the footsteps of Mahi Raavan who comes to the temple where Lord Mahadev and 18 Bhuja (18-armed Maa Kali) are worshipped together.

“This is a popular belief here that Raavan’s brother Mahi Raavan comes here every day to offer prayer to Maa Kali. After offering prayers, he goes back to Paatal (underworld). You can hear unusual sounds when you go to the Temple. These are all age-old beliefs and proof of Ramayana,” a local stated.

However, with no government assistance, the ancient temple and the tunnel, have been left to the mercy of the elements. With little to no efforts to revive and beautify the temple, it is slowly turning into a ghost den. All thanks to the efforts of locals, the temple is standing tall till today. However, it requires immediate government attention before it becomes a thing of the past.

In this temple, Maa Kali is worshipped in her 18-armed avatar. Lord Tricholaneswar Mahadev is also worshipped here. The temple is proof of ancient sculpting and traditions of Odisha. However, the tunnel near the temple has been lying unused, leading to its slow death.

“Raavan’s brother uses this tunnel to reach the temple to worship Dakshina Kali or Asthadasha Bhuja Kali,” informed Janardhan Dixit, priest of the temple.

As per popular beliefs, Raavan and his family were worshippers of Lord Mahadev. They also worshipped Maa Kali as Lankini. So, both Mahadev and Maa Kali getting worshipped together in this Jajpur temple has links with Ramayana, it is believed.

  • Reported by:
  • Sanjeeb Nayak