Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

High drama unfolded on the premises of a cinema hall after a dispute over car parking triggered a group clash in Bhubaneswar on late Saturday night. Both groups initially got into an intense argument, which subsequently led to a clash.

As per reports, some members of a family and another group of youths had come to watch a movie at Maharaja cinema hall. However, as only a small place was left for parking on the premises of the hall due to the rush, both groups wanted to park their car at the same place.

As per the video footage, a girl was seen sitting atop a car and started hitting its bonnet which reportedly irked the opponent group. Subsequently, the girl was dragged down from the car, which led to a physical altercation between the members of both groups.

Soon, a large number of people gathered at the spot out of curiosity. Road communication was snapped along the National Highway near the cinema hall for nearly half an hour following the unrest. Several vehicles were stranded on the road due to the huge crowd.

On getting information, police rushed to the spot and detained several members of both the groups. 

As per reports, there is severe space crunch on the premises of the cinema hall and the situation often leads to huge rush in the area causing inconvenience for other commuters.

The authorities of the cinema hall could not be contacted over the incident.

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