Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has introduced drones to deal with mosquito menace in the Capital City as the current manpower and infrastructure are not sufficient.

In the first phase, drones have been deployed in inaccessible locations like abandoned plots, narrow lanes and pools of Niladri Vihar area today. The initiative was taken in presence of BMC Additional Commissioner Laxmikant Sethi. Gradually, drones will be deployed in other areas of the Capital City.

Snaayou Healthcare Company, Kolkata has been given the contract to have a survey of the mosquito breeding sites in Bhubaneswar.

As per the scheme, small drones will be deployed to find out mosquito breeding sites. Subsequently, chemicals will be sprayed at the mosquito breeding sites using bigger drones as per the density.

Moreover, sanitary workers will spray chemicals in every ward on a regular basis to keep the mosquito menace at bay. Chemicals will also be sprayed in the drains of each and every ward to keep mosquito breeding under control.

The civic body has also increased manpower and infrastructure for fogging. It has been augmented from two units to nine units.

“As many as two anti-larva workers are working in every ward and we are spraying chemicals in each and every drain. We are also fogging nine wards every day from Friday to keep mosquito breeding under control. We have set a target to cover the whole city within a span of eight days,” said city Health Officer Dipak Bisoi.

“Following a manual survey, we have deployed some drones for surveillance and spray of chemicals. After taking photographs in the first phase, chemicals and liquid will be mixed and sprayed in the mosquito breeding areas as per the density,” said BMC Additional Commissioner Sethi.

(Reported by Chandan Paikray)