Pradeep Pattanayak

The joy of a group of fishermen knew no bound when they netted a huge fish weighing around two quintals while fishing in the sea off the coast of Digha bordering Bhograi block in Balasore district on Sunday. 

The fish, belonging to the ‘Shark’ species, fetched the trawler owner a whooping Rs 29,000. 

While fishing in the sea, to their utter dismay, a huge fish was caught in their net. They used their combined strength to pull up the fish. 
With the day’s big catch, they returned to the shore and then the trawler owner took it to the fish market. It weighed around two quintals. 

There it drew a huge crowd. Starting from local people to tourists thronged to have a look at the fish. Some didn’t forget to click some pictures of it. Later, the pictures were uploaded to social media sites. 

The giant fish was auctioned and a Kolkata-based company bought it paying Rs 29,000. 

At regular intervals, such incidents of fishermen catching huge fish are being reported. 

In November last year, a group of fishermen netted a gigantic fish locally known as Chil Sankha (Stingray) in Digha. The fish weighed around 500 kilograms. 

Later, the fish was taken to the local auction center where it was sold for a whopping Rs 20,000. A Kolkata-based company bought the fish.


(Reported by Ajit Kumar Das, OTV)