Mrunal Manmay Dash

Berhampur University in Odisha on Wednesday ordered, teaching and non-teaching staff to wear Khadi to campus every Friday. It also ordered the staff and the students to avoid using personal vehicles to come to the varsity campus on every Saturday.

As per the Varsity administration, the initiatives have been launched to create awareness on nationality/patriotism/unity and make campus pollution free. 

As per an office order of the Vice-Chancellor, the new rules will come into effect from February 10 and 11, 2023.

“In connection with observance of best practices it has been directed to take the initiative for wearing khadi cloths at least one day per week i.e. on every 'Friday' to create awareness for nationality/ patriotism/ unity and integrity among all the employees of the University,” the office order read.
“Hence, all the employees (both teaching and non-teaching) are requested to wear khadi dress / saree on every Friday during office hours. This new vision and mission will be started in this University with effect from coming week,” said the order.

Similarly, the University also asked students and staff not to bring their personal vehicles into the campus on Saturdays. However, they can bring e-vehicles if they have.
“The Vice-Chancellor has been pleased to take an initiative to make the campus pollution free and to encourage zero emission at least one day per week. Hence, all employees (both teaching and non-teaching) and students are requested to avoid using personal vehicles, bikes, scooters etc. inside the campus on every 'Saturday',” the order stated. 
However, as per the order, normal vehicles can be parked outside the campus before entering the University.