Rashmi Rekha Das

Kansa is one of the biggest villains in Indian mythologies. He is known for his tyrannical rule during Dwapar Yug. However, Kaliyug Kansa of world famous open air theatre Dhanu Yatra is completely opposite of its Dwapar counterpart.  He is seen taking action against errant administrative officers during Nagara Parikrama on Wednesday.

According to sources, Dhanu Yatra is underway in Bargarh town. The township has transformed into Mathura where demon King Kansa rules. King Kansa’s ‘Nagara Parikrama’ is central attraction of the fair. During his Nagara Parikrama, he does not spare anybody on finding them faulty. 

On Wednesday, the King left for Digbijay Yatra with his ministers and reached the government bus stand. The king was shocked to see bus stand lying in poor condition. Heaps of garbage were seen lying in every corner. That apart, he resented lack of toilets meant for women passengers.

Maharaja Kansa felt really bad to see the sorry state of affairs at bus stand and slapped a fine of 20 lakh gold coins on the bus stand authorities.

Maharaja Kansa said, “I paid a visit to government bus terminal as part of my Digbijay Yatra. Toilets at the bus stand are in poor shape. There is no Yatri Nivas for passengers. The terminal is full of dirt. Taking a tough stand against the authorities, I have imposed a fine of 20 lakh gold coins on them.”

Upon being asked, an officer of the bus stand, said “We would clear the garbage from the bus depot so that King Kansa is happy. 
He has also warned of taking stringent action if we fail to adhere to his order."