Himansu Shekhar Rout

In a show of humanity and large-heartedness, an auto-rickshaw driver returned the valuables forgotten by a woman passenger in the vehicle in Bhadrak.

The auto driver has won accolades from various quarters. 

Inayat Khan of Bhadrak ekes out his living from driving an auto rickshaw.  As per reports, on February 1, a woman boarded his auto to go to Jamjhadi. However, the woman forgot to take her bag after getting down from the vehicle at her destination. After coming back to Charampa, Inayat found the bag. Then he went to Jhamjhadi and Talanagar to look for the woman to return the bag, but she was not traced.  

Finally, Inayat deposited the bag at Bhadrak Police Station. The bag had valuable gold ornaments and other articles worth nearly Rs 5 lakh.  The police personnel were dismayed to see the valuables.

As the news went viral on social media, the woman passenger identified as Subhasmita Lenka came to the police station and claimed her bag.  She was all praise for Inayat. 

Inayat said, “I picked her up at Talanagar and she wanted to go to Jamjhadi. When I came to Charampa, I found a bag. I immediately went back to the place. The woman was with her kids. I never checked what was inside the bag. “

Subhasmita Lenka said, “I forgot to take my bag while getting down from the auto-rickshaw. I was in a hurry for a marriage ceremony. Minutes later I realised that the bag was left in the vehicle. I requested some people to trace the vehicle. The auto driver is a god-hearted person, as he returned my bag. The IIC handed over the valuables to me.”

Bhadrak city DSP, Anshuman Dwivedy said, “The woman had inadvertently left behind her bag with valuables in the auto. The driver, Inayat showed his honesty by returning the valuables to the woman. This is the biggest example of honesty for others. All should follow Inayat’s honesty.”