Pradeep Pattanayak

Assassinated Health Minister Naba Das is said to be suffering from Shani Dasha. This fresh theory relating to the death of the Health Minister is presently doing the rounds. 

Shani Dasha is feared by all the religious Indians who believe in Indian Astrology. It is feared because this period reportedly comes with lots of misfortunes. 

Astrologers suggest several remedies for the people suffering from Shani Dasha to reduce the impact of this period to some extent. 

One of the remedies is to worship the Shami tree. Certain procedures are advised to be followed for the plantation of this specific tree. 
When asked about the tree, astrologer Manoj Lenka said, “Here in Odisha, Shami tree is known as ‘Badi Amla’. As this is the favourite tree of Lord Shani, it is planted to please the Lord and to get rid of the harmful impacts of Shani Dasha.”

Late Health Minister Naba Das had planted a Shami tree on the premises of his residence. This apart, he had recently visited the Shani Shingnapur temple in Maharashtra, a famous shrine dedicated to Lord Shani. The tithi of the day was Triveni Amavasya. 

At the shrine, Das performed ‘Shani Abhisek'. But what set his visit to the shrine apart from others was that he had reportedly donated a gold pot (Kalash) worth Rs 1 crore to the shrine. The pot was made of 1.7 kilograms of gold and 5 kilograms of silver. He also donated Rs 10 lakh to the shrine. The donation is said to be the costliest donation ever made to the shrine. 

These incidents of late Das planting Shami tree on the premises of his house and visiting the famous Shani Shrine of the country have given credence to the speculation that the leader was suffering from Shani Dasha.  

Late Das, who was Odisha’s richest MLA, was shot to death by a police ASI Gopal Das at Gandhi Chowk in Brajarajnagar. He went there to inaugurate the office of the Chairperson/Vice Chairperson of Brajarajnagar in the Lift and Shift Building. As he got down from his car, ASI Gopal Krushna Das, who was deployed at the site to manage traffic, came to the vehicle and before anybody could apprehend his intention, opened fire at the leader from a close range. The bullet hit the chest of the Minister.


(Reported by Bibartan Panda, OTV)