Mrunal Manmay Dash

Just a week after an alleged spy pigeon was found by fishermen in Puri, another pigeon with suspicious tags on its legs was caught at Nanpur under Puri’s Astaranga Police limits on Wednesday.

As per reports, the particular pigeon was a regular visitor to the area for the last eight days. Suspecting something fishy by the tags on its legs, some locals caught it by fishing net on Wednesday.

The pigeon was seen with three tags on both its legs. On one of the tags, ‘REDDY VSP DN’ was engraved, while another tag bore the number 31 on it.

Bikram Pati, a local who caught the pigeon said, “We have pet pigeons at our house. We have been noticing this pigeon from last week and noticed something peculiar about it. It remained aloof and did not mix with other pigeons. We also noticed some tags on its legs too. So we decided to catch it.”

After catching the pigeon, the locals informed the police which is yet to reach the spot.

A similar kind of pigeon was caught at Ramachandi in Konark area on March 6. The ‘feathered agent’ was found to be tagged with a tiny spy camera and a chip what appeared to be a GPS. As per the fishermen, something like a secret or coded message was written in foreign language in blue and red on the body of the pigeon.

It was later sent to the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) for examination.

(Reported By Sanjay Pati, OTV)