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A fresh controversy has erupted between Odisha and Andhra Pradesh after the AP government reportedly snapped the electricity connection of Neridibalsa Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Residential School in Kotia region in Koraput district.

At least 60 students of the residential school are now forced to study in the dark and are reeling under heatwave conditions following the power cut, reports said. The power cut amid the excess heatwave has become a matter of serious concern for the students and their guardians.

Hours-long power cut leaves the students in distress every day amid the hot weather.

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According to reports, the AP government reportedly snapped the electricity after learning that the school is run by the Odisha government. To make matter worse, the solar system installed by the Odisha government in the school has been lying defunct.

“It has become unbearable due to the electricity cut amid the scorching heat. We are not able to get water to even bath and drink. We cannot sleep at night due to the heat. Fans are also not working properly,” a student alleged.

When contacted, the school headmaster  Mahendra Bhatra said, “Solars have been installed, but they are not working due to the defunct battery. Every day, they cut the electricity because of which students have to go through unbearable heat. There are two borewells, but students are not able to draw water. Students are not able to sleep properly due to the power cut at night.”

On the other hand, the District Education Officer (DEO) refused to comment anything in this regard and said that the batteries of the solar system would be soon replaced on the direction of the District Collector.

Worth mentioning, Andhra and Odisha have been locked in a bitter battle over territorial control of several villages in Kotia gram panchayat.

  • Reported by:
  • Surya Narayan Panda