Pradeep Pattanayak

In a case standing testimony to how humanity is fast disappearing, a woman along with her two-year-old ailing son was forced to get off a bus in the middle of their journey, resulting in her son’s death in Mayurbhanj district on Friday night. 

According to sources, Jasami Murmu and her son Bhima were travelling in a private bus destined for Tata. They got on the bus from Bhubaneswar and were going to Bataduma village under the Bijatala block of Mayurbhnaj district. 

During the journey, Bhima suddenly fell sick. His health condition deteriorated. Jasami pleaded the conductor, requesting him to take them to any nearby hospital. But neither the conductor, nor the driver, nor even any of the co-passengers paid heed to her requests. 

Instead of taking them to any hospital, the conductor forced them to get down at a place near Baisinga and moved on. While Jasami carrying her son was walking to Baisinga village in the hope of getting help, some local people noticed them and after coming to know about the matter, they rushed them to a nearby government hospital.

However, it was too late by then. Moments later, her son breathed his last.  

Had the conductor or any of the passengers been sympathetic to her and taken Jasami’s son to any hospital, the life could have been saved, observed locals.   

After her husband’s death in May this year, Jasami was working as a construction worker in Bhubaneswar to support her family.

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