Vikash Sharma

Households across Odisha are feeling the pinch of the rise in the prices of onion. The price rise of onions comes in the backdrop of the steep rise in tomato prices in the recent past. As per reports, the price of onion has increased by Rs 10 in the last 12 days. It is now being sold at Rs 35 per kg against the previous rate of Rs 25 per kg.

In Bhubaneswar, onion is being sold at a price ranging from Rs 35 to 40 in various retail markets.

"Earlier we used to sell onion at Rs 25 per kg and now we are selling at a price ranging between Rs 35 to 40. There is the possibility that it may touch Rs 80 in the coming days," said a trader.

A consumer said that the government should step in and take measures to reduce the prices of essential vegetables.

The situation is similar at Chhatrabazar in Cuttack. Devendra Sahu, the secretary of the market said, "The rains at various parts affected the crops in several parts of the country. The new harvest, which usually arrives in August, has been delayed especially in southern states. Until new crop arrives, we will have to face such shortage."

Meanwhile, the government on Saturday imposed a 40 percent export duty on onion exports till December 31. The announcement was made through a notification on Saturday.

This notification shall come into force with immediate effect and will remain in force up to and inclusive of December 31, 2023. The prices of several vegetables including onions, potatoes, and tomatoes have skyrocketed in the last few weeks. Following the soaring prices of tomatoes, the government decided that it will sell tomatoes at Rs 40 per kg from August 20 onwards with an aim to further cool down its prices

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