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As if the price rise of rice, dal, wheat, flour, edible oil and other essential commodities wasn’t enough, the price rise of onion from Rs 30 to Rs 40/kg has returned to haunt the common man. While onion was available for Rs 30/kg, the price has risen by Rs 10 to Rs 40/kg in just one week, adding to the woes of the already affected consumers.

It was learnt that the bulb is also sold for more than Rs 40 in a couple of places. The spiralling prices have burdened the lives of lower middle-income groups and economically weaker families who are already reeling under the price rise of vegetables, fuel and grocery items.

Meanwhile, traders have attributed the price rise to supply shortage and low production. Many claimed the huge stock of onions was damaged due to the excess heat, leading to the shortage. 

A trader stated that prices are expected to come under control once it rains.

“Onion is usually sold between Rs 30-35/kg. As the onion price is a bit higher in Nashik, we are also forced to buy it at higher prices. The new harvest is yet to be procured, so we have to sell it at higher prices. Due to supply shortages, the price may vary from time to time. Things will get better after the new harvest during the rainy season,” said Debendra Behera, coordinator of Chhatra Bazar Byabasayi Sangh.

“We are importing the produce from Mangalore, Bihar, Ranchi, Andhra Pradesh, Nashik, Raipur as other parts, so the price is expected to rise,” he added.

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Meanwhile, consumers are also feeling the burden of skyrocketing prices of vegetables and green groceries in the last week. According to sources, most of the vegetables are currently selling at rates of above Rs 60-70 per kg. It has become difficult to get a bag full of green vegetables for Rs 500 that hardly lasts for a week.

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