Cassian Baliarsingh

Two mechanised fishing boats with at least 13 fishermen are reportedly missing at the sea off Paradip coast in Jagatsinghpur district. The fishermen have remained out of contact for the last five days, reports said.

All efforts to get in touch with the fishermen have gone in vain. They remained untraceable after they went 163km off the coast towards Digha in the boats.

According to sources, the 13 fishermen on two boats – Kinara and Debilaxmi - 7 on one boat and the remaining six on another boat, set off for fishing five days ago. They ventured into the deep waters towards Digha in hope of abundance catch, but went missing. 

After failed attempts to know their whereabouts, family members approached the Kujang Fisheries Officer and Marine Police to initiate a rescue operation.

Family members and fellow fishermen suspect they might have been detained after entering into Bangladesh waters to catch more fish.

“There were two boats. At least 13 fishermen were in the two boats. They had ventured out fishing since January 8. However, they have remained untraceable since January 11. We have alerted the officials of the Coast Guard Headquarters and Marine Police who have started a rescue operation since then.”

“We suspect they might have entered into the territory of Bangladesh and might have been detained there. We just hope they are all safe,” said Srikant Parida, President of the Odisha Marine Fish Production Association.


(Reported by Ramakanta Nayak, OTV)