Mrunal Manmay Dash

Deepak Das, a tuition teacher from Sankhia village near Bhadrak town, has a unique skill. More than skill, it is his understanding of students’ abilities that has brought him recognition.

Das has adopted a technique to make the students learn lessons through music, particularly through some hit Bollywood numbers. Not only history or geography, Das has even prepared songs to teach trigonometry and geometry formulas.

“I have seen children getting addicted to Bollywood movies and songs on their mobile phones. So I thought, why not music? I tried to rewrite lyrics of famous songs with mathematical formulas and equations,” said Das.

His efforts fructified when the students started to enjoy his lessons and remembered the formulas easily.

“Earlier we were facing trouble in remembering lessons. But after sir (Deepak Das) taught us through music, it became easy for us. Be it algebra or science, the lessons are now a lot easier for us to remember,” said a student.

“Das sir is making a lot of efforts to make us learn our lessons easily. He even skips his meals for us. We do not want to go to any other tuition teacher. Das sir is a complete package and he makes us learn easily,” said another student.

Das says he himself has faced many struggles in studying for which he tries to make the lives of other students easy.

His novel effort has brought him laurels from all quarters of the society, particularly after the airing of his technique on OTV. Das thanked OTV profusely for showing his teaching skills on television.

Speaking to OTV, he said, “I would like to thank OTV for which my skills are now known to all. I am getting a lot of congratulatory calls. I have even received a call from Dhamnagar MLA Suryabanshi Suraj who congratulated me. He watched my video on OTV and video-called me. I am very happy for this.”

“I would like to urge the people of Odisha to bless me and encourage me to contribute more to the education of the State,” Das added.

  • Reported by:
  • Partha Sarathi nayak