Himansu Shekhar Rout

Rituals in Puri Srimandir got delayed last evening due to a dispute between the servitors of Suar and Mahasuar Nijogs following the Bada Snana ritual of the Lord. It resulted in the delay in the arrival of 'Mahaprasad' at the Bhoga Mandap even though it was prepared in the afternoon. Devotees had to return empty-handed without mahaprasad.

With repeated disruption of rituals, the sentiments of the devotees are reportedly hurt and most of them voiced concerns and resentment.

Saroj Mohanty, a resident of Kendrapara said, “Crores of Odias who love Lord Jagannath are hurt by daily rituals of Srimandir getting affected often. Why is this happening again and again? The matter should be investigated. Those responsible for this should be punished."

Ananta Lenka, a devotee from Alijanga was hurt by the development. “Lord Jagannath who is the Lord of the Universe is forced to fast. What the servitors, administration, and the state government are doing when rituals are disrupted. We want stern action against those responsible for it.”

Manas Sahu, a devotee from Baripada said that there is no proper system working there. “Suars and Mahasuars are indulging in fights disrupting the rituals. The government should pay heed to such things,” he added. 

Gyana Pani, a resident of Bhadrak said, “For the last two days, Suars and Mahasuars indulged in a dispute due to which devotees could not get Mahaprasad. There is always a dispute in the temple. If such things are happening routinely, what the Srimandir administrator is doing. Lord Jagannath belongs to all. Why there is politics over the issue.” 

Debdas Mahankuda, a devotee from Nabarangpur observed, “Servitors and Pandas of Srimandir should not get divided, but they should work in unity for the service of the deities. It is their duty and responsibility to ensure that rituals are solemnised routinely and Lord Jagannath and His siblings are not allowed to go hungry.”  

Babuli Sethi, a devotee of Jharigaon said, “If the servitors are responsible for disruption of rituals, the Srimandir administration should be taken action against them.” 

Prakash, a resident of Balasore, who was hurt over the delay of rituals, said that Lord Jagannath was forced to go on fasting. Lakhs of devotees visit Srimandir to have the blessings of Lord Jagannath and get the Mahaprasad. Devotees could not get Mahaprasad at the Bhoga Mandap due to delay in rituals,” he lamented.