Cassian Baliarsingh

A police sub-inspector (SI) of Dharmashala police station in Odisha’s Jajpur district has brought serious allegations of mental harassment and threat to his life by the Inspector-In-Charge (IIC).

Unable to bear the mental torture, the SI Radhanath Das, in a written complaint to Jajpur SP, has offered to resign from his service.

As per the complaint, the SI has accused IIC Rakesh Tripathy of putting mental pressure on him and giving him more cases to solve. He further accused the IIC of ignoring investigation of sensational and most important cases.

Most importantly, he has been ignoring POCSO and rape cases and forcing Das to undertake such important cases.

On the other hand, the IIC has been forcing Das to work extra hours with no leaves. The SI has allegedly been deprived of visiting his ailing mother.

“I have an ailing mother at home. She is in her last stage. But, I have been deprived of leave. I’m now mentally depressed as I’m not able to pay a visit to my mother. Instead of taking over sensational cases himself, he is assigning juniors to investigate such cases,” alleged Das.

The SI further accused the IIC of intentionally harassing him mentally and threatening him to put in trouble and sought resignation from his job.

However, the SP is yet to respond in this connection.


(Reported by Gulam, OTV)