Mrunal Manmay Dash

A round-shaped stone piece resembling a wheel, found recently in Khadag river near Purunasahi village under Kandhamal’s K Nuagaon block, has raised curiosity among the locals.

So much so that, the villagers of Purinasahi have started believing it to be the wheel of Arjuna’s chariot driven by Lord Krishna during Mahabharat times.

Sources said, the stone piece is round in shape and looks like a wheel with a hole in the centre probably to connect it with an axle. The place where the wheel was found has been called Arjunaghat for a long time and nobody knows why.

But after the recovery of this wheel, people have begun to really believe that Lord Krishna and Arjuna had visited the place which is why the wheel was lying there.

Moreover, the person who found that wheel claimed he had a dream some days before that a wheel used in Arjuna’s chariot is lying in the river.

“I was bathing in the Arjunaghat when I stumbled upon this stone-wheel in the river. I took it out and it looked ancient. I think this wheel belonged to the Chariot of Arjuna,” said Sumanta Nayak, a resident of Purunasahi who found the wheel.

“This wheel was found in Arjunaghat. We believe this is the same wheel that Arjuna used in his chariot during Mahabharat. We worship it as divine intervention,” said another Purunasahi local, Bilasini Digal.

  • Reported by:
  • Trinath Sahoo