BJP leader and Tiktok star Sonali Phogat was named as her Personal Assistance Sudhir Sangwan's wife in rent documents of an apartment here, according to sources.

Sangwan was often seen in the 'Gurgaon Greens' society located in Sector 102 of Gurugram, they said.

Before leaving for Goa, Phogat and Sangwan had parked their TATA safari vehicle in the society and took a taxi to the airport.

According to sources, Sangwan had taken flat number 901 on rent in Gurgaon Greens about three months ago. For this, police verification was also done. When Sudhir Sangwan had taken this flat on rent, he had mentioned Phogat as his wife in documents.

This flat on rent in Gurgaon Greens was in the name of Krishnakant Tiwari.

A member of the Gurgaon Greens society requesting anonymity said, though he never met Sonali in society, he occasionally met Sudhir Sangwan. Since the two lived like common tenants, most of the people did not even know about her.

It's only after her death that people came to know that she used to live in the society, he said.

Meanwhile, a lawyer close to Sonali Phogat told IANS that Sangwan had recently visited the Hisar tehsil office in connection with Sonali Phogat and her widowed sister's property-related work.

"Sonali recently went abroad for 15 days and Sudhir was taking care of her locker, where her properly related documents and house keys were kept. We suspect that some economic reason must be a motive behind her sudden death, the lawyer claimed.

However, the lawyer denied any information about Sudhir Sangwan and Sonali residing in Gurugram's society as husband and wife.