Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that the role of Indian scientists in the fight against Covid-19 was praiseworthy and due to their hard work, it was possible to manufacture the 'Made in India vaccine'.

"Today, I will like to praise the role of Indian scientists in the fight against Corona, and because of their hard work, the manufacturing of 'Made in India vaccines' was possible which gave a great relief to the world. This is the gift of science to humanity," he said in his 86th episode of the monthly radio address of 'Mann Ki Baat'.

Talking about the 'National Science Day' on February 28, he said that this day is also known for the discovery of the Raman Effect. "Along with CV Raman ji, I pay my respectful tribute to all the scientists who have contributed significantly in enriching our scientific journey," he said.

Modi also said technology has secured an important place in our lives in the realm of ease and simplicity. "Which technology is good and what is the better use of that technology, we are well acquainted with all these subjects. But, it is also true that the basis of that technology, the underlying science, is something that we neglect in conveying to the children in our families," he said.

On this Science Day, I urge all the families to definitely start with small efforts to develop a scientific temperament in their children, the Prime Minister said.

"Now, for example -- poor vision... after wearing glasses, vision improves with clarity... children can easily be explained on the science behind it. It's not that one should restrict oneself to just looking at the glasses and enjoying. Now you can simply explain to the child on a small piece of paper," he added.

Referring to the various mobile applications, he further said that nowadays, there are also many apps through which the children can locate the stars and planets, or can identify the star which is visible in the sky and can also know about it. "I will also tell our startups that you should employ your skills and scientific character in the work related to nation-building. This is also our collective scientific responsibility towards the country. Like, nowadays I see that our startups are doing very well in the world of virtual reality and in the era of virtual classes, one such virtual lab can be designed keeping children in mind."

"We can also make children experience a chemistry lab sitting at home through virtual reality and request the teachers and parents to encourage all the students and children to ask questions and together with them find the right answers to those questions," Modi added.