Cassian Baliarsingh

In a rare incident, a proud father welcomed his daughter with a bouquet of flowers as she took over his position as the police sub-inspector at the Central police station in Karnataka’s Mandya.

The emotional moment of the man handing over his duties to his own daughter Varsha and welcoming her to take his post has left the internet in tears. Venkatesh was more than happy and proud at the same time as his daughter took over his duties.

According to sources, Venkatesh was posted as a Sub-Inspector at the Central police station in Karnataka’s Mandya. He served there for 16 years and was supposed to retire. Interestingly, he was replaced by his own daughter Varsha who qualified for the PSI examination last year.
Now, the picture of the father-daughter duo has the internet impressed with the transition of power and highlighting the passing of the baton from one generation to the next.

Encouraged by her father, Varsha decided to join the police department and cleared the PSI examination in the 2022 batch. As fate had it, Varsha was assigned duty at the very same station where her father served.
As Varsha stepped into her father’s role, the police station buzzed with anticipation and admiration for both the father and daughter.