Is the Rajasthan government unable to give women security and jobs? Yes, confirms the official statistics released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) and CMIE (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy).

Rajasthan, for the second year running, has registered the highest number of rape and attempt to rape cases, as per data released by the NCRB for 2020. Also, the data released by CMIE says that the state's urban women unemployment rate has touched 92.1 per cent.

The NCRB confirmed that Jaipur is next to New Delhi which registered 967 cases, by registering 409 rape cases in 2020. However, its crime rate for rape is 28.1 which is more than double of Delhi city, (12.8) rape cases per lakh population.

Rajasthan has a crime rate of 90.5 per lakh population for crime against women which is calculated by adding crimes registered under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Special and Local Laws (SLL).

The desert state is in the top list when it comes to absolute numbers for crimes against women, registering 34,535 cases. This is next to Uttar Pradesh at 49,385 and West Bengal at 36,439.

Rajasthan yet again tops the list when it comes to IPC section 376 (rape), with an incidence (FIRs registered) counting to 5,310 victims.

Rajasthan further remains on top for attempt to commit rape (Sec 376/511 IPC) too with an incidence of 965.

Besides increasing crime against women, Rajasthan has the lowest female literacy rate which is 57.6 per cent according to the National Statistical Report of 2017-18.

The effect of the poor literacy rate is reflected in the unemployment data where there is a difference of more than 40 per cent in the male and female unemployment rate in Rajasthan.

While the male unemployment rate in the state is just 21.20 per cent, the female rate is 65.31 per cent.

What is an interesting aspect is that the urban women who are considered to be more educated are more unemployed than the rural women.

The urban women unemployment rate is 92.1 per cent while the unemployment rate of rural women in the state is 54.8 per cent.

Women and child minister Mamta Bhupesh did not take the call when IANS tried to contact her in this regard.

Also, the women commission chairperson's post has been lying vacant ever since the formation of the Congress government, so half of the population of Rajasthan has been reeling under the reign of terror with nowhere to go and speak about, said Nimisha Gaur, BJP spokesperson.

Even though the Congress itself is being led by a woman, Sonia Gandhi, never ever has any statement been issued even after watching the horrific crime incidents being reported against women, she added.

Surprisingly, Mamta Bhupesh has also been silent all these years even after reading about the terrible stories of crime reported against women. This is more like bringing back the Mughal era where women were forced to confine themselves within their houses by terrorising them and giving them least opportunities to show their talent, she added.

Officials from the Congress camp also expressed their unhappiness with the working of women and child minister Bhupesh.

"We have raised the issue of her incompetent behaviour with Ajay Maken and there are chances that she will be replaced by a dynamic person who raises the issues of women," they said.

Meanwhile Nimisha added, "Rajasthan women have scripted histories and are known for their sacrifice, intelligence and entrepreneur nature. However, the present plight of women is pitiable. Recently, the Rajasthan High Court issued a notice to the state government and called for a reply after the posts of chairperson and members remained vacant for the last two years in the Rajasthan Women's Commission. The National Human Rights Commission has also given instructions to the state government to fill the vacant posts of the Women's Commission, but the government is constantly neglecting the Women's Commission," she said.