Mrunal Manmay Dash

Bengaluru residents never cease to amaze people with interesting conduct and a ‘never-mind’ attitude, just like this scooter rider who accumulated Rs 3.24 lakh as fines for traffic violations over a course of just two years. And more shockingly the owner claimed he never knew about this.

The Scooty pep+ is registered to a Ganganagar resident Mala Dinesh, wife of Dinesh, who works at a graveyard.

As per an Indian Express report, the scooter was bought in 2021 and it was first challaned on February 23, 2022. A total of 634 violations have since been recorded and all of them are for not wearing a helmet or for talking on the mobile phone while riding.

The owner got penalised four times on December 18 alone. It was finally tracked down by RT Nagar traffic police on Monday night.

After the seizure of the vehicle, Dinesh went to the police station on Tuesday and said that he would not be able to pay the huge fine before requesting the police to release the vehicle.

However, the police denied his request and sent a notice to his home to pay up the fine first.

A police officer said to Indian Express that the number of violations was high as the intelligent cameras record each violation noted on a day separately. For instance, if a person has travelled through a junction multiple times a day, all violations will be recorded separately and fresh challans will be issued.