In a major breakthrough the Mysuru gang rape survivor has identified photographs of her rapists even as a special 20-member team landed in Tirupur of Tamil Nadu hunting for the seventh accused in the crime that took place in an isolated place at Chamundi foothills on August 24.

The development augurs well for the six police inspectors and six sub-inspectors among others who are combing through Tirupur for one more culprit.

The photos were sent to the victim and she has recognised all those who were her attackers.

The police sources said she continues to be traumatic and under treatment at a hospital.

The police are planning to record her statement once she is fit and in a position to talk.

The sources said the government and police departments are aware of her situation and are not in a hurry to record the statement.

Opposition leader Siddaramaiah had criticised the government and pressed for her statement to be recorded as he said that there is provision under law to get her statement.

The special team in Tirupur is facing hurdles already as phone tracing of the accused could not be done as his phone has been switched off. The police are aware that the accused being in touch with his relatives, however, he has managed to give police the slip.

The team in Tirupur has tracked down all his friends and relatives.

The police have also conducted a "spot mahajar" -- investigating the crime scene and working out sequence of events along with the accused. They have also seized the clothes of the accused persons, which they wore on the day of the crime.

The police have taken three accused along with them to Tirupur after getting consent from the court. They are also collecting details from Tamil Nadu police stations on the criminal background of the accused.

Police sources said that the sixth accused tried to attack police with a knife when they tracked him down but was taken into custody. He lived alone in his home and police have recovered weapons and liquor bottles from the spot.

The accused have revealed to the police that, when they attacked the victim and her male friend, they had blackmailed them to arrange Rs 3 lakh. When the boy called his house and it became clear that the money was not coming, they took turns to rape the victim, sources said.

The gruesome incident took place when the victim had gone to an isolated place in the foothills of the Chamundi hill. The accused had observed the victims frequenting the spot and planned the targeted attack.

The incident made national headlines. The Karnataka police department came under severe pressure from all corners as protests were staged all over the state. The police so far have six accused in custody.