Suryakant Jena

The seasonal bird count at Bhitarkanika National Park in Kendrapara district has begun today. The annual headcount of the avian species which is carried out during the monsoon season every year will continue for a week.

Two teams of seven members each comprising forest officials, wildlife enthusiasts, ornithologists are being engaged in the enumeration exercise.

Some species of birds like Kaparkhai, Anjana, Rani Baga, Panikua, Gendalia and Khaira are known to flock the national park during the monsoon to roost and feed on ample food and good weather condition. These birds generally build nests on Guan, Bani, and Kerua trees in the region.

Apart from local migrant birds, winged guests from far-off places across India and outside flock the wetlands and mangrove forest belts of areas like Baga Gahana, Matha Adia, Laxmiprasad Dia, Durgaprasad Dia, informed Manas Ranjan Das, Range Officer, Kanika.

Last year, the avian population inside the national park saw an impressive rise of 9252 numbers. A total of 97,866 birds from 10 species were found in the National Park after the monsoon census of the winged guests.

Monsoon birds that arrive at the national park return with babies to their homes by the end of October every year before winter migratory birds from northern countries like Russia, Central Asia, Ladakh, and Himalayas land in the national park in November.