Harshina, a Kerala home maker in her thirties hailing from Kozhikode, is breathing easy after five long years after a 11 cms long scissors was removed from her stomach.

Her troubles, according to her own admission, began when she came for her third delivery to the Kozhikode Medical College hospital in 2017.

"It was on November 30, 2017 that I underwent a caesarean. Following that I used to have recurring pain in my stomach. Despite numerous consultations and checkups my pain failed to subside. Finally when I found the pain unbearable I again visited a hospital and when a CT scan was conducted, I was told that a metal object was in my stomach. Later I was told it was a scissor," said Harshina.

She got admitted to the same hospital where this medical lapse took place and after a surgery the scissor was removed.

She has now complained to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Health Minister Veena George about the agony that she had to undergo due to medical negligence.