Stating that grassroots workers of BJP are angry on 'import' of MLAs and 'musical' chairs taking place in Goan politics, Trinamool Congress' Goa in-charge Kirti Azad has said that BJP workers are in touch with him and they will join the Trinamool Congress.

"BJP workers who have worked at grassroot level have been betrayed by importing the MLAs. In north Goa, one man (from BJP) and his cronies came into Congress and people from Congress went to BJP. So obviously grassroots workers are angry. They are in touch with me. Many of them will join us. We will be in power (next election) and we will be single largest party," Azad told IANS.

"Since I have become state in charge (of Trinamool Congress) we have increased our membership by 400 people," he said.

He said that all the votes, even the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) votes will come to the Trinamool Congress because they feel that they have been betrayed by the leaders.

"Goa has its own culture and custom. These people have double standards. Their own people (leaders) have betrayed them by taking restaurants (in Goa) and usurp the properties of people. Some have got (constructed) the house at archeological sites. So these workers feel BJP and Congress are no different," Azad said.

"I am getting five years to work. I am sure we will be in power," he said.

Azad said the Trinamool Congress contested for the first time in Goa and secured 8.7 per cent votes.

"People are automatically coming to Trinamool Congress... the Congress is losing its base. We had told the people before the election that we are a party to be trusted, because there are musical chairs going on between the BJP and Congress... the Congress is more versed in the game of this musical chair. Now I am sure that the people are repenting that they did not give us the chance," Azad said.