Rashmi Ranjan

Two gigantic shaligram rocks from Nepal from which the idol of Lord Ram will be carved out and placed in the sanctum sanctorum of Ram Temple have reached Ayodhya late on Wednesday night.

The divine shaligram rocks weighing 18 tonnes and 12 tonnes respectively, which are believed to be 60 million-year-old, were brought to Ayodhya in two different trucks. 

The two rocks were found in the Gandaki river at a place close to Saligrama or Muktinath (place of salvation) in Nepal's Mustang district. 

As per tradition, the divine boulders were offered puja at Gorakhnath temple as soon as they reached the pious town.

Devotees in large numbers also made beelines to get a glimpse of the divine shaligrams and offer puja.

Speaking exclusively to OTV, Anish Khan aka Babloo, who is a Muslim and constantly supporting the construction of Ram Mandir said, “I have not seen such a celebration in my life. The entire nation is celebrating the construction of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. I was eagerly waiting for the shaligrams to reach the holy town and the wait is over now.”

“Entire India is overjoyed after the shaligrams reached Ayodhya. Not only Anish Khan, but there are many Muslim families who are of the opinion that Lord Ram is their ancestor. The construction of Ram Mandir will preach peace and harmony across the globe,” said a priest.

The Idol of Lord Rama in his child form will be carved out of these stones and will be placed in the sanctum sanctorum of the Ram Temple, which is expected to be ready by Makar Sankranti festival in January next year, officials had said.