Union Minister of State for Personnel, Dr Jitendra Singh, on Sunday said that the Narendra Modi government is committed to uphold, preserve and strengthen the independence and autonomy of the CBI and all other investigating institutions.

Presiding over the Investiture Ceremony for recipients of the police medal for meritorious services at the CBI headquarters, he said that zero tolerance for corruption, transparency, and citizen-centricity are the "three main mantras" that determine the government's administrative outlook.

To fulfil the commitment of zero tolerance against corruption and unaccounted money, a range of initiatives have been taken by the Centre over the last seven years, he said, citing the setting up of a Special Investigation Team to unearth black money and necessary amendments being made in the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Noting that a few states are giving selective cases to the CBI, he said: "These state governments have to come clear and state whether they trust the CBI or not, or whether they trust CBI selectively as they continue to give selective consent in cases which suit them." said Dr Singh.

He called on these State governments to rethink on the decision of withdrawal of general consent to CBI to investigate cases.

Felicitating the awardees, he said that he hopes that the officials will discharge their duties for the service of the nation.

In his remarks on the occasion, CBI Director Subodh Kumar Jaiswal, congratulating all the CBI awardees, reiterated the agency's unflinching commitment to work towards the national goal of zero tolerance of corruption.

He said that the CBI has over the years evolved into a multidisciplinary premier investigating agency of the country inducting professionals from different fields, and is trusted by courts, governments and people at large.

"For every serious crime, there is always a clamour for CBI investigation. The success of the CBI is exemplified by the fact that the CBI has, over the years, been able to achieve nearly 70 per cent conviction rate despite of the fact that the accused are able to get best of legal support," he said.