Telangana is witnessing a huge seizure of cash, gold, liquor and other items in the run-up to the next month’s Assembly elections.

The enforcement agencies have seized cash, gold, liquor, etc., valued nearly Rs 75 crore across the state since October 9 when the model code of conduct came into force for the November 30 Assembly election.

The authorities seized Rs 48.32 crore cash and 37.4 kilograms of gold, 365 kilograms of silver and 42.203 carat diamonds all worth Rs17.50 crore.

During the checking across the state and on inter-state border, the agencies seized 1,33,832 liters of liquor worth Rs 4.72 crore, 900 kilograms of ganja valued Rs 2.48 crore, 627 sarees, 43,700 kilograms of rice, 80 sewing machines, 87 cookers and two cars and other items all worth Rs 1.90 crore.

The Election Commission of India has announced that elections for the 119-member state Assembly will be held in a single phase on November 30.

In view of the complaints of large-scale distribution of money, liquor and freebies during previous elections in the state, the poll panel has issued strict instructions to state and central enforcement agencies.

After the three-day visit to the state early this month, the Election Commission of India declared that it is fully committed to ensure inducement-free elections.

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar directed the enforcement agencies to act very strictly against the use of money power during the elections.

“Loud and clear message was given to each one of them to act very strictly against the use of money power during elections. They were directed to almost dry up the inflow of liquor, cash, freebies and drugs,” he said.

“This perception or actual reality of misuse of money power, freebies distribution by various political parties or candidates doesn’t augur well for democracy,” he had said.