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Vikash Sharma

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways recently announced the new Bharat Series or BH-Series of licence registration plates to facilitate hassle- free relocation of vehicles (PAN India).

The central government, by amending Rule 47 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989, has mandated that vehicles bearing the BH registration number will not be required to register in a new State after relocation.

The BH-series will be beneficial particularly for the defence personnel, government employees, PSU employees and private sector companies officials. As per the Ministry, the allotment of BH series registration of the vehicles has been made completely online. A vehicle owner along with an application and payment of specified fee and taxes can apply at the portal of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (https://parivahan.gov.in).

Recently, the State Transport Authority (STA), Odisha had announced that the new system of allotting BH series registration will be completely online.

Calculation of Road Tax:

The road tax will be charged at 8 per cent in case of vehicles costing below Rs 10 lakh. For the vehicles costing Rs 10-20 lakh, the charge will be at 10 per cent and for those above Rs 20 lakh, it will be 12 per cent.

Two per cent extra charge will be levied for diesel vehicles while it will be 2 per cent less for electric vehicles .

“The Motor Vehicle Tax will be levied for two years or in multiples of two. After the completion of 14th year, the motor vehicle tax shall be levied annually which shall be half of the amount which was charged earlier for that vehicle,” tweeted the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

Steps of Registration:

1. Form Fill Up: At the time of purchasing new vehicle, the dealer will fill up the online application Form-20 on Vahan portal on behalf of the owner.

2. Selection of Series Type: Dealer needs to select Bharat Series

3. Documentation:Dealer will upload the working certificate (Form 60)/ Official ID Card along with other documents

4. Application Approved: The Bharat Series application to be approved by RTO

5. Tax: Pay online required fee/motor vehicle tax (initially every two years). Accordingly, post approval, the Vahan 4 will generate BH Series number randomly in the current running all India series.

(Edited By Pradeep Singh)

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