Odishatv Bureau

In a bid to deal with the volume of transactions, all agency banks will remain open to the public on Sunday, March 31, 2024.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) informed about the same through a press release on Wednesday. 

"The Government of India has made a request to keep all branches of the banks dealing with Government receipts and payments open for transactions on March 31, 2024 (Sunday)," the release read.

The RBI clarified that the decision to keep banks open has been taken to account for all the Government transactions relating to receipts and payments in the FY 2023-24 itself. 

Hence, accordingly, agency banks are advised to keep all their branches dealing with government business open on March 31, 2024 (Sunday), the RBI stated. 

Sunil T S Nair, Chief General Manager, RBI said, "Banks shall give due publicity about the availability of above banking services on this day."

Ganeswar Mishra, a retired bank employee said, “Banks may have annual account closing works. Besides, this direction of the RBI is meant for the public interest.”   

Asked if the banks will allow common customers to do their financial transactions on that day, he added, "Such thing can’t be said today. After the RBI instruction, the banks will have to come out with their circulars. The RBI is the regulator of all banks. Its decision has to be carried out.”

From today’s instruction, it can be said that the Ministries and the state governments' departments can do their financial transactions on Sunday, March 31st, Mishra said.