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  • The protesting Afghan nationals held Pakistan responsible for their plight.

Afghan nationals living here held a protest against Pakistan on Friday, accusing it of sending terrorists into their country.

The Afghans gathered in Delhi's Chanakyapuri area and protested carrying posters and banners.

They wanted to go to the Pakistani High Commission, but were not allowed by the Delhi Police.

Afghan citizen Dr Abdul Ghafoor Arab told IANS, "Pakistan has been sending terrorists to our country for the last 40 years. They have torn our country into pieces. Pakistan's army is present in Afghanistan. All these Talibanis are Pakistanis."

"We are dying every day, hundreds of Afghans have died so far. Taliban, Daesh are all made in Pakistan. Without Pakistani training Taliban cannot do anything."

Among the protesters was 8-year-old Mohammad Ilyas, who said, "I am fighting for my country. We have helped other countries in difficult times, but they did not help us in difficult times."

"My complaint is with America, why are they doing this to us. Why are they not helping us. America is helping the Taliban.

"My family members are trapped in Afghanistan. They have neither food nor water. If they step out of the house there, the Taliban will take them away."

The protesting Afghan nationals held Pakistan responsible for their plight.

After the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August, a new government was formed. According to information, there are about 14 such members in the interim government of Afghanistan who are on the UN's list of designated terrorists. These include caretaker Prime Minister Mullah Hassan and both his representatives.

Afghan citizen Neelab told IANS, "Who has given Pakistan the right to enter our country and blast bombs there? We call upon all the countries to warn Pakistan. Why is it spreading violence in our country? Pakistan should take care of its own country, don't interfere with ours."

"All Talibanis are Pakistanis, Afghani people don't kill their own people, Masood's son is trying to save his country because he is a true Afghan. If he was a Pakistani, he wouldn't have been fighting Taliban and Pakistan."