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Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

A youth has been rescued by the villagers from the attack of a huge python at Tulasipur village under Anandpur police station in Keonjhar district on Tuesday.

The victim has been identified as Gadu Majhi. He has been admitted in the nearby medical in a critical condition.

According to reports, Majhi, a cowherd, was managing his cattle herd on the bank of Kushei river when a huge python attacked and nearly killed him. 

Majhi said that the massive reptile trapped his legs, strangulated his neck before dragging him into the stream.

Responding to his alarms, locals rushed to the spot and somehow managed to snatch Majhi from the strong coils of the huge reptile in the middle of the river.

Even though Majhi had passed out by the time he was rescued, he somehow survived the mishap. Locals and other spectators immediately rushed him to the nearby medical in a serious condition. After preliminary check-up the condition of Majhi is stated to be stable.

“The python had stationed itself surreptitiously on the bank of the river. When Majhi went near the bank to manage the cows, the huge reptile dragged him into the water,” said the rescuer Sudam Nayak.

“The giant snake had coiled around him and both were stuck on a stone inside the river. Hearing his screams, we rushed to the spot and snatched him from the reptile’s dreaded jaw,” said Sudam Nayak, one of the rescuers.

(Edited by Suryakant Jena)

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