Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

High drama unfolded at the Rourkela Railway Station after a woman halted an express train following non-confirmation of her ticket.

As per reports, the woman had booked a ticket for traveling to Bhubaneswar from Rourkela on November 8. However, the ticket could not be confirmed.

Following the development, the woman reached the station and requested the concerned officials to confirm her ticket. However, the officials did not pay any attention to her plight. Subsequently, the woman couldn’t board the train.

Fumed over this, the woman made a unique protest. Demanding confirmation of her ticket, she laid on the rail track in front of the Tata-Yesvantpur Express and halted it for around 20 minutes.

Eventually, she withdrew her protest following intervention by the station manager, other railway authorities and security forces.

The station authorities reportedly helped the woman board Hatia-Yesvantpur Express with a confirm ticket at 9 pm on Tuesday.
“The train was halted for nearly 20 minutes due to the protest by the woman. She withdrew her protest after our officials pacified her. Now, with the help of the officials, she has boarded the train with a confirmed ticket and everything is normal now,” said Rourkela station manager, Prabhas Dash.