Suryakant Jena

In this cut-throat world of competition in work field, people can ill-afford to show complacency and readily sacrifice their comforts for the cost of earning bread and butter. 

The story of Uber driver Nandini from Bengaluru is one such tale that is full of spirit and inspiration for millions of people not only women but also men who give up in their quest even at face of slightest of failures.

Recently, CloudSEK CEO Rahul Sasi ended meeting this Uber cab driver during his journey in Bengaluru and was mesmerized to come across her story of struggle and rise in life.

During this delightful encounter, as the young corporate honcho says he noticed the woman driver named by Nandini riding the cab but unlike in other rides, he found a little girl sleeping in the seat next to her.

When asked, the woman replied that she was her daughter. An inquisitive Sasi then talked with her throughout his ride in which she shared details of her life. The CloudSEK CEO later took to his LinkedIn page to pen a moving story on his meeting with this lady. 

Inspiring Woman cab driver from Bengaluru, Nandini
Inspiring Woman cab driver from Bengaluru, Nandini
In his story, Sasi narrates that the woman had ambitions to run a business of her own and in her entrepreneurial quest; she had started a food truck a few years ago with all her savings. However her business startup was hit by the Covid pandemic and it ruined her completely. With no option left, Nandini now drives an Uber car and makes every effort to relive the dream again by saving as much as possible. 

Sasi further writes that during his trip, what struck him the most is Nandini’s matchless effort in balancing work and life at once. For many, especially a woman having a little daughter, it would be almost impossible to even think how to work while also taking care of your baby. 

Fearing that she might not be able to give time to her daughter who is now on a vacation from school, Nandini now carries her little kid in the cab with her so that she can babysit without losing work.

Sasi’s story on Nandini has earned appreciation from all over. His post on social media now has over 2.7 lakh likes and thousands of comments and reposts.

And what more is that his noble effort has brought goodness for Nandini in the form of support and appreciation from various quarters including Uber country head Prabhjeet Singh.