Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

A woman has brought serious allegations against the Tehsildar of Delang in Puri district of misbehaving with her when she went to the officer seeking help to resolve a dispute case. 

A video of the incident which has now gone viral on different social media platforms shows the Tehsildar purportedly yelling at the woman and asking her to leave the office.

As per reports, the complainant went to the Tehsildar, Nibedita Parida to file a complaint over some issue with hopes of solution. However, she later alleged that instead of listening to her grievances, Parida expressed frustration at her. 

As seen in the video, the complainant sought an answer from Parida why she won't get justice. However, suppressing her cries, the government official started shouting back and asked the woman to leave the office at once or face dire consequences.

On the other hand, the Tehsildar has a different story to narrate.

Refuting the allegations, the government official claimed that the woman has a case pending with the higher authority and wants to influence it in her support. 

"The superiors had ordered for an inquiry of the dispute and the probe findings go against her. In view of the matter, she has been insisting to manipulate the report in her favour," the Tehsildar explained. 

"The woman has been coming to the office repeatedly for the past several days and creating disturbance in official works and proceedings. She used filthy languages to abuse and even used the same method to abuse the former Tehsildar," said the official.