Ananya Padhihary

Absence of motorable roads in the remote pockets of the State still continues to deprive people to avail health emergencies on time. 

Corroborating the age old misery, in yet another incident, pathetic condition of roads has allegedly claimed the life of a pregnant woman in Biramitrapur of Sundargarh district as the ambulance failed to reach her house on time.

As per reports, on Tuesday, the family member Draupadi Majhi of Talasera Patratoli slums immediately called for an ambulance to take her to a hospital after she complained of severe labour pain.However, the ambulance could only reach a place which was about 3 kilometres away from their hutment and could not proceed further as there was no connecting road to the area. She then reportedly gave birth to a girl child at their home.

As per reports, following the birth of the child, Draupadi’s health condition deteriorated. With no option left, the family members carried Draupadi on a cot and walked for about 3 kilometres to reach the ambulance. However, before they could make it to the ambulance, Draupadi passed away mid-way.

Though they have made repeated appeals to the administrative authorities for the construction of a motorable road to their slum, their pleas have gone unheard and the narrow dusty path remains as ever, alleged the locals.

Meanwhile, the concerned officials are yet to respond on the incident.