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Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for June 21-27.

This week some important planetary transits will take place. On June 20, Jupiter became retrograde in Aquarius sign and its positive impact will be strongly felt in our lives during this week. On June 22, Venus will be moving to the expressive and creative sign of Cancer. This will help redefine our existing relationships and enhance mutual love and affection. Following are the insights on how the week will unfold for all zodiac signs:


This week you will be able to fulfill your desires and expectations. Financially, you will not face problems and expenses will remain in control. Your friends will remain supportive when required. You are likely to gain in a foreign land. Those willing to go abroad can get an opportunity. You may plan to renovate your house. In personal life, there could be some communication gap with your partner which can lead to misunderstanding. Married people can plan a family. Your elder siblings will support you and their guidance will prove invaluable for your success. Students can lose focus temporarily. Healthwise, you will remain fit and healthy.

Tip of the week: Avoid communication gap


During this week, you would be keen to explore your creative side, as a result of which, you will have a desire to create something new. However, avoid being too ambitious at this time. Do not start any new project or change your job. For businesspeople, there will be new opportunities to expand business. Your relationship with your siblings will be encouraging and you will have quality interaction with family members. You will remain deeply involved in your relationship or receive an unexpected surprise from your partner. Auspicious functions can be celebrated in your house. Students will be able to focus more on their studies. Take care of throat infections.

Tip of the week: Explore your creative side


During the week, you will enjoy a blissful time with your family. Some of you will experience a significant amount of gain in wealth through prudent investments. On the professional front, you may get a new opportunity but it is advised to stay patient as there could be some delays. Students will remain lucky as any obstacles in their path will be removed. You can expect favourable changes in your relationship status. Professionally, you will come in touch with the new people and you are also likely to travel. Healthwise, you could feel weak, hence you are advised to stay hydrated and increase your water intake.

Tip of the week: Stay patient


During this week, you will improve your intellectual abilities and you will also decide on the kind of work you would like to do. Financially, you are likely to be a spendthrift, so keep away from things that can land you in trouble. Also, it is advised to invest your money with proper guidance. There could be benefits from insurance. Professionally, you can benefit from international collaborations. This is also a favourable period for trade and partnership. If you have done any investments in property, you can expect to earn a considerable amount of profit. Those married can go through some disputes. Health issues relating to liver and stomach can bother you.

Tip of the week: Keep away from unnecessary expenses


Those of you willing to move abroad will get the green light this week. Working professionals could receive new projects connected with a foreign location. For businesspeople, this is a conducive time to look for new partnerships and collaborations. Customer acquisition will speed up as well. On the financial front, pay attention to your finances and minimize them. There is a possibility of profit, but expenditure will also keep rising. On the personal level, you could have an urge to assert your independence a bit more which can lead to unnecessary quarrels with your loved ones. Some of you can expect to tie the knot during this period.

Tip of the week: New beginnings on the cards


During this week, you are advised to remain strong both mentally and physically which will help you address challenging situations. Professionally, you may face stress in the work environment due to non-cooperation of co-workers. At the same time, competitors can also take advantage of you. Financially, you will experience a steady rise in income. On the domestic front, you may get a little stressed about your family relations. Do not indulge in any kind of confrontation with your better half, else it can snowball into a big dispute. On the health front, you could face some problems relating to blood sugar and weight gain.

Tip of the week: Stay mentally strong


This week can prove to be testing mentally. Financially, you may face shortage of funds and expenses will continue to go up. Professionally, you will have a hectic schedule and will be loaded with work. Do not procrastinate, else the situation will get out of control. Avoid any type of speculation and gambling, as any kind of high-risk investment in the stock market may not give profit as per your expectation. Married people can plan to start their family. Those of you who are single will enjoy their romantic life and will be able to spend quality time with your beloved. Students may find it difficult to focus on their studies. Beware of stomach-related issues.

Tip of the week: Avoid speculative investments


During this week, you will stay curious and will like to explore new things. It is advisable to look at ways to improve your current skills and talent to ensure a stable career path in future. You will also be inclined towards spiritual activities and will like to help others as and when required. This period is favourable to conduct renovation of house. Businesspeople who desire to add a new product line or service can do so. The health of your mother can deteriorate which can disturb your peace of mind. Relations with your spouse will be supportive. Your children may surprise you with their extraordinary performance. You may suffer from skin infection.

Tip of the week: Work on yourself


This will be an eventful week for you. A lot of opportunities will come your way and you will be busy handling multiple situations at the same time. There can be a new job offer coming your way, which will serve you well in future. You may be required to sign new documents. A short-distance trip is on the cards which will be beneficial for you. Financially, you will be able to manage your expenses well. On the personal front, your relations with your younger siblings may suffer due to some difference of opinion with them. Improve your communication with your life partner to avoid any issues. Students planning to go for higher education can face some obstacles.

Tip of the week: Plan a short trip


This week, you will feel satisfied and will be appreciated for your effort. Financially, there will be stability in your life and profit will be reaped from recent investments. Students will have to work harder as stress and confusion can disturb them. You will be more inclined towards participation in spiritual activities. Those of you working in the field of art and creativity are also likely to be benefited as their efforts will be well recognized. Those of you facing problems in married life will now start seeing an improvement. Single persons will meet someone special in their life. Healthwise, it is advised to go for regular walks to keep yourself active and fit.

Tip of the week: Relations will improve


During this week, you will strive hard to achieve your goals. At times, you could have self-doubts. New opportunities will come your way to increase your income. You will be doing some freelancing work through your contacts which will keep you busy. Your expenditure is likely to shoot up, hence plan your savings accordingly. Those who are married will have a stable relationship. Do plan quality time with your beloved to avoid any stress creeping into the relationship. Those in a romantic relationship may face some unpleasantness due to family-related matters. On the health front, you need to remain watchful as infections related to stomach can come up.

Tip of the week: Do not doubt yourself


This week, you will have benefits in your work. Financially, you can gain good profit and your expenditure will also be controlled. You are advised to focus on improving yourself in your own field of work so as to get ahead of competition. This time will be favourable for students as they will be able to better focus on studies and enhance their performance. Some of you can experience a new love relationship that will be inspirational. On the other hand, the life of married people will also be smooth during this week. There may be some property-related dispute in the family which needs to be handled tactfully. Healthwise, get a full medical check-up done.

Tip of the week: Sharpen your skills

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