Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for July 12-18.

This week, two important planetary transits will be taking place. On July 16, the Sun will move to Cancer sign and will join Mars. From here, it will be in mutual aspect with its die-hard foe, Saturn, which can cause some unwanted changes in our lives. Also, Venus will be transiting to the fiery sign of Leo on July 17. Other major planets will continue to be in the same position. Let us see how this planetary configuration will impact our lives.


This week, your mind will remain distracted and there could be lack of mental peace. In such a scenario, try doing things with a selfless attitude to get your focus back. Despite that, your seniors in office will remain supportive. At times, expenditure can overshoot your budget, hence self-restraint is advised while spending. Instead, doing some charity or social work will suit you well. Students are likely to achieve any major success in some activity. At home, the health of your mother needs to be closely monitored and all precautions must be exercised. Similarly, relations with spouse can be disturbed due to a persistent family issue. Guard against chest infections.

Tip of the week: Be selfless


Investments made earlier will be beneficial for you this week. But if you do business in partnerships, you may face opposition from your partners. Hence, maintain good relations with partners to make use of new opportunities that come your way. For professionals, there could be short travels which will bring positive results. This week you may go out shopping for purchasing items for domestic use. However, do not overshoot your budget. There could be an improvement in health of a member of your family which will bring a sigh of relief. This week is going to be positive for many students who are preparing for government examination.

Tip of the week: Keep relations transparent


You will be full of self-confidence this week and will be ready to take risks. This will work out in your favour as far as professional life is concerned. You will manage projects well and lead the team with poise. However, your financial situation may not be as good as it was earlier. At times, you may feel a little upset because of the behaviour of people around you, especially family members. But avoid getting into an argument with anyone, rather look to focus on your hobbies to stay calm and composed. You may realise that you are in the midst of a weight-gaining spree and this is the time to address it before it is too late. Prioritise your health over everything else.

Tip of the week: Make health your top priority


This week, some health issues can disrupt your routine which can impact your work life. Try to execute one task at a time and finish it completely before taking additional work. You may be required to spend money on your heath. It is a good time to reconnect with old friends which will keep you motivated. This week, you will get the opportunity to speak to your seniors about your issues. Businesspersons should avoid getting into any new partnership at this stage. Students will be under additional pressure from family and relatives regarding their career which may hamper their performance. Health issues relating to stomach can bother you.

Tip of the week: Share your feelings


At this time, every work you do in partnership will ultimately prove to be beneficial for your career. You will get rid of all kinds of difficulties in managing your tasks and obligations, both at work and home. Your children may feel disinterested in studying due to some distraction. This can drastically increase their screen time. Try to spend more time with them. There could be sudden arrival of a guest at home which will improve the domestic environment. You will be able to get rid of any earlier health issues. However, some of you may face some digestion issues, and hence, balanced diet will surely help.

Tip of the week: Spend more time with children


The week will start on a good note as you may hear some good news relating to your work. While you will have a lot of energy this week, most of it could be spent on unnecessary tasks. Doing pranayama will help you stay focused. At work, try not to be overcompetitive else it may backfire and show you in bad light. This week will bring a major improvement in your financial situation as you could get a bonus or raise in income. Any unwanted incident with a close relative can cause disturbance in the family environment. Students can witness some changes in their education and those of you desirous of taking admission in a foreign university will meet with success.

Tip of the week: Channelize your energy


This week, you will stay in a jovial mood. But instead of keeping your happiness to yourself, share it with others. At work, do not trust anyone blindly and do not get involved in any form of rumour mongering. You will benefit from your earned resources, but you will be seen spending more money for entertainment purposes which, at times, can exceed your budget. Your ability to persuade others will help you maintain family peace this week. Therefore, instead of imposing your decisions on others, adopt this ability of yours and reach any decision only after persuading others in a positive way. Students can expect to get admission in their choice of institution.

Tip of the week: Spread happiness


This week, you will remain strong-willed which will help you accomplish most tasks diligently. This will also invite the appreciation of your seniors and show you in good light. Those in business should brace themselves for launching their product or service in the market. On the personal front, an old relative may seek monetary assistance from you. Students can see a spike in their expenditure due to procurement of study material and new books. Those in a relationship may feel frustrated due to the indecisive nature of their beloved. They are advised to remain patient and wait for the right opportunity to sort out any ongoing problem.

Tip of the week: Improve your will power


If you want to lead a happy life this week, then you should have a flexible attitude. Being stubborn will only spoil your relations which, in turn, will hamper your performance, both at work and at home. Your financial life is going to be good and you will get some additional inflow of money during the beginning of the week. You will also get opportunities to earn money. This week will prove to be auspicious for you for undertaking any work-related journey. With a flexible attitude, you will be able to establish a balance in the family with your understanding. Students will get relief from all kinds of problems and will be able to concentrate better.

Tip of the week: Have a flexible attitude


This week, you will make extra efforts to enhance your professional and social network. Improvement in your financial decisions can have a positive effect in your life and will help you to emerge from any loss in the past. Your family can get upset with you over changes in your dressing sense or appearance. Those of you associated with family business will get the full support of their elders, due to which you will be able to establish many new customers and sources. Those students preparing for competitive examinations might get success all of a sudden. Do prioritise your health this week as minor irritants relating to skin or throat are foreseen.

Tip of the week: Expand your social connections


This week will bring about a lot of changes in your life. You are likely to consider changing your job and look for suitable opportunities. Those in business can look to invest in foreign markets. Whether it is an office or business, any negligence can lead to financial loss. So, avoid doing anything in a hurry and carry out every task diligently. Your ability to influence others will work well for you in managing complicated situations at work and home. It is also possible that your family members may help you financially. Students considering pursuing higher education will be able to achieve their goals. Health will need to be looked after as there could be issues relating to respiration.

Tip of the week: Do not be negligent


This week, you could face some challenges, but if you carry out everything with patience at this time, then you can succeed in getting out of each and every problem. At work, there could be a sudden increase in workload, which can impact your work life balance. Family environment will be favourable and spouse will remain cooperative. Those of you working or studying while staying away from their home may face some unexpected expenditure. You will want to engage with things that gave you pleasure as a child such as drawing or painting. You will be more vigilant about your health and will look to improve your diet and daily routine to keep in good shape.

Tip of the week: Be patient while solving problems