Pradeep Pattanayak

Ever imagined motorcycles being put to use in agricultural activities? Yes, this is actually happening in Odisha. Two young farmers of Khajuriguda village of Swabhiman Anchal (earlier known as cut-off area) under Chitrakonda block in Malkangiri district are making best use of their bikes. 

If you are living in villages or have been to country side, you are familiar to the scene of farmers beating out grains from the harvested crops using bullocks, tractors or power tillers.  But the scene of motorcycles being used for the same purpose is quite unfamiliar even to those who live in villages. 

When asked how the idea of using motorcycles in agricultural activities struck their minds, pat came their reply. “We don’t have enough cattle nor can we afford the rent of power tiller or tractor. It was when the time to beat the crops arrived we started exploring options. And then the idea of using motorcycles came to our minds,” they said. 

“Now we have also realised the virtue of using motorcycles.  What we have known from our experience is that the time consumption is less when we use motorcycles. By using motorcycles, we can beat out grains from crops in half of the total time required in the traditional method of using cattle,” they observed. 

These young farmers’ unique method of beating the crops has recently become the talk of the area.