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Mrunal Manmay Dash

An unidentified girl was rescued by passersby while she attempted to jump off the Kuakhai bridge at Hanspal on the outskirts of Odisha’s Capital city, Bhubaneswar on Wednesday.

Hundreds of commuters on the busy National Highway (No 5, connecting Kolkata with Chennai) witnessed the drama that unfolded during lunch hours and went on for about 30 minutes till the police arrived at the spot and took the girl for questioning.

As per the sources, the rescued girl said that she was continuously harassed by her sister-in-law. She took the extreme decision to end her life after failing to find any solution to the domestic issue.

OTV correspondent, Atulya Baut reported that the incident took place at around 12:40 pm. During questioning, the girl revealed that her sister-in-law has been harassing her both mentally and physically since the past three months.

Police officials, who OTV spoke to, said they will launch a probe on the allegations made by the girl to check its veracity. “If those are found to be true, action will be taken against her sister-in-law for driving the girl to commit such an act,” said the official.

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