Pradeep Pattanayak

It seems all roads lead to Puri sea beach on Saturday when the whole world is celebrating Christmas. 

A sea of visitors from far and near was seen enjoying their time on the magnificent beach to the fullest. Tourists could be seen everywhere along the entire stretch of the beach- from ‘Digabareni’ to ‘Light House’ on Saturday. 

While for some, the sea was just irresistible and they couldn’t stop taking a dip, some others enjoyed the pleasant weather, not so cold or hot. While some were seen busy haggling with trinket sellers, yet some others enjoyed sips of hot tea from paper cups.There were some who were seen enjoying a camel ride, while the water sports aficionados went for jet skiing. 

A family from Raipur, Chhattisgarh said they didn’t have sea in Chhattisgarh being a land-locked state. So they had made plans much in advance to visit Puri on Christmas day. They said the merrymaking was much more than they expected. 

Similarly, a newly married couple from another state said they made their stay in the holy city memorable by visiting the Jagannath temple and spending quality time on sea beach. 

A photographer, one of the many whose profession is to catch the memorable moments of the visitors and in turn earn livelihood, said since it was a holiday, people swarmed the beach to enjoy. 

A visitor from Jajpur district said the beach came alive with thousands of tourists indulged in their own way of merrymaking. They felt excited, nevertheless. 

A tourist from Madhya Pradesh, who came to Puri along with his wife, was all praise for the beach. “I have been to Goa. But the Puri beach is quite different. Particularly the climate, very enjoyable,” he added.