Vikash Sharma

The ongoing tiff in the relationship between Tirtol MLA Bijaya Shankar Das and his girlfriend Somalika took a new twist today with the former allegedly not turning up for marriage before court on Friday.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Tirtol MLA and Somalika had applied for marriage registration at sub-registrar office on May 17. After waiting for the MLA at the sub-registrar office for three hours, Somalika alleged that, “Tirtol MLA had assured to marry as per the scheduled date. But unfortunately, his brother and others in family are threatening me.”

The complainant further said, “The Tirtol MLA has not kept his promise. He is not responding to my phone calls. I am not sure what has happened. Either he might have been kidnapped or is cheating me intentionally or he might be into some affair.”

Somalika further said that she will again lodge an FIR against the MLA.

Tirtol MLA Bijaya Shankar Das, the son of senior BJD leader and former minister late Bishnu Das, was into a relationship with the complainant for long.

Responding to the allegations, Tirtol MLA said, “As per process, the registration process needs to be completed within 90 days of application. The candidates are subsequently eligible for marriage within 60 days. I have not received any summon or nobody has informed me regarding the marriage registration for today.”