Pradeep Pattanayak

Even as the sensational Tapaswini-Sumit marital discord is yet to see a happy ending, a similar case has now become the talk of the town in Brahmagiri area of Puri district. 

A woman named Laxmipriya Dalei, wife of Dibakar Dalei of Haridas village launched a protest similar in fashion to that of Tapaswini, by staging dharna in front of her in-laws’ residence demanding justice on Saturday. 
According to Laxmipriya’s allegation, a few days after her marriage with Dibakar, she was subjected to torture by her in-laws. Slowly, the torment reached unbearable degree and so she had to return to her parents’ house. 
However after the matter was settled between the two families, Laxmipriya returned to her husband’s house. But soon, Dibakar filed a suit for divorce and subsequently threw her out of his house. 

Now five years later, as the divorce case has been dismissed, Laxmipriya has launched a protest in front of her in-laws’ residence demanding acceptance by her husband and in-laws. 
On the reason behind the dispute, Laxmipriya explained that at the time of marriage, her parents had given Rs 1 lakh as dowry but soon Dibakar started demanding more Rs 2 lakh to buy a Bolero van.  

"He had filed the divorce suit in 2018 when I was staying with my parents. During the period when the judgment was awaited, I did have the right to stay in my husband’s house. As of now, since the case has been dismissed, the judgment has only made my demand for access into my husband’s house stronger. I will not budge till I am allowed into the house,” said Laxmipriya, adding, she would continue her fight for justice till her death.