Odishatv Bureau

In a heart-breaking incident, a woman has been forced to run from pillar to post to get back her little daughter after she was taken away by the administration. The mother was seen kneeling and literally begging officials to give back her baby girl.

The heart-breaking incident has been reported from Jagannathprasad area in Ganjam district.

The woman, Madhuri Nayak, had no child of her own. So, she adopted a beautiful girl when the baby was just 14 days old. She named her ‘Janha’ (moon) and showered all the motherly love on her. Madhuri found a daughter in her while the baby found her mother in Madhuri. 

Madhuri treated Janha like her own child and gave her all the love for last eight months. Fellow villagers were stunned to see a woman giving so much love, that too to an adopted child. However, as if her love fell short, some miscreants informed the local administration about the adoption.

On being informed, officials reached the village and snatched away the baby girl from Madhuri. Now, heartbroken Madhuri has been running from pillar to post to get back her baby girl.

Separated from her child, Madhuri has stopped taking food and drinks. She hasn’t eaten anything since the day her baby was snatched away from her. She has broken down and has been approaching officials to get back her baby.

The plight of Madhuri has moved many but officials have turned down her requests to give back the baby.

“I have no child of my own. I had adopted the baby when she was just 14-days old. She was my everything. I gave all my love and treated her like my own daughter for 8 months. I had named her ‘Janha’ because she is like a moon in my life. Now, they have snatched her away from me. I cannot forget her face. I cannot live without her,” said Madhuri as tears continued to flow from her eyes. 

“I request the administration. In fact, I beg the administration to give my baby back to my lap,” she added.

“My daughter has no child of her own. Janha was her everything. So, I request the administration to give back our daughter. We will follow all guidelines as per the law. Please give us back our baby girl,” said Madhuri’s father Subash Nayak. 

When contacted, Subodh Sarangi, District Child Protection Officer, said that the baby would be given to Madhuri after all the paper works as per law.