Pradeep Pattanayak

These days the residents of coastal Podampeta village in Ganjam district are living in constant fear as they believe the day is not far off when their village will fully be devoured by the galloping sea. 

The fear has been more since yesterday when six houses were swept away in the high tides of the sea. 

Expecting trouble, the administration has already relocated many families to safety. Yet, some families are living in Podampeta, living everything at the mercy of god. 

With the marching sea gobbling up houses one by one, the villagers are in fear and apprehension. Even the roars of the marching sea send a chill down their spines. 

If the ingression of the sea continues like this, one day, not only Podampeta but also Kantiagada and other nearby villages will also be submerged in water. 

The panic-stricken villagers urged the administration to take early steps to save their and their children’s lives and properties.