Vikash Sharma

In view of the State-level Republic Day parade to be held on Mahatma Gandhi Marg in Bhubaneswar on January 26, the Commissionerate Police on Friday issued an order, clamping restrictions on the movement of the traffic.

As per the notice, designated invitees and other VIPs will be attending the State-level Republic Day parade in Bhubaneswar.

While the rehearsal parade is scheduled to be held on January 22/23, the full dress rehearsal will be held on January 24 at Mahatma Gandhi Marg. Traffic restrictions will be clamped during the rehearsal parade and full dress rehearsal along with other curbs for the Republic Day.


-No vehicles or pedestrian will be permitted to enter Mahatma Gandhi Marg unless they are specifically invited to remain present during the ceremony.

-Vehicles coming from Housing Board crossing towards Rabindra Mandap shall be diverted from Keshari Talkies through left side lane.

-Vehicles coming from AG square towards PMG square shall be diverted from Jaydev Bhawan crossing via IDCOL auditorium road.

-Vehicles coming from 120 TA Battalion crossing towards Rabindra Mandap will be diverted from MLA colony crossing towards Unit-4 road

. -Vehicles coming from Janpath will not be allowed to enter Mahatma Gandhi Marg from Master Canteen side.

-All lanes touching Mahatma Gandhi Marg will be sealed.

-The aforesaid restrictions on traffic movement shall be imposed during rehearsal parade (January 22/23, 2022 at 2:30 pm) and full dress rehearsal will be held on January 24 at 7 am.

-Selling of gas balloon is strictly prohibited in the area between PMG square and Master Canteen square on January 26 from 6:30 am till the parade is over.

-The invitees may approach the Mahatma Gandhi Marg either from Master Canteen or through Jaydev Vihar (Sachivalaya Marg) up to the designated point on the back side of the dais.



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